The Best Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore?

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice @ Maxwell Food Centre, Chinatown, Singapore – Voted as one of the best chicken rice on the island, with endorsements by local media and food critics, and even positive remarks from celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain Back to work and having mid week blues? No fear. Let Motormouth cures that for you with […]
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Singapore Street Food – What Motormouth Ate for the Past 2 Weeks

Soy Sauce Chicken Wing Noodles from Ji Ji Wanton Noodles Specialist @ Hong Lim Market And Food Centre (only SGD 3 for the portion above) reminded me of Hong Kong’s Swiss Chicken  It’s been slightly more than two weeks since Motormouth has moved to Singapore; intermittent with a few days return to Kuala Lumpur for a brief stint earlier […]
Motormouth From Ipoh – Malaysian Food & Travel

Summer Fresh Quinoa Tabbouleh

I have a serious affection for fresh parsley.  And I’m not talking about the kind relegated to garnish!
Well-loved (and possibly overrated) in its dry form and woefully underappreciated in its…

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Friday Favorites!

We are in the season of graduations and convocations, end-of-year banquets and ceremonies, pool parties and sky-high energy levels.

If you are raising a school-age child, you know all about this…

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Creating delicious food for all

Cooking for a group of people or for your family can be a daunting task, but as you’ve probably heard, it doesn’t have to be. If you tackle the culinary task with confidence, you can’t lose. The most feared meal to cook is Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner purely because the margin for error is massive. “What if the turkey doesn’t cook in time with the vegetables”, “will my roast potatoes work without Goose fat?”, “what if no one likes my honey roasted parsnips?” and so on. Then there’s always the possibility that something will burn, char, disintegrate, overcook, undercook or just taste like dirt. How can one cook overcome these issues?

  1. Preparation. ALWAYS BE PREPARED. That’s the number one rule, always have a backup plan. I’m in the mind-set that if you have a plan B then you know your plan A will fail – you’re setting yourself up for failure. However, a plan B is sometimes needed depending on the circumstances of why plan A might not go to plan. Anyway, plan and prepare until your heart’s content and you’ll win at cooking your meal.
  2. Get your timings right. Write them down if you have to, but it’s important when cooking a big meal that everything is ready at the end. No one wants hot potatoes and cold meats on their plates.
  3. Do a dry run. What have you got to lose by cooking said important meal before the meal date to see how you get on? It’s a great idea to run through the meal beforehand as this will flag up any problems you might face on the big day.
  4. Keep tasting. Keep tasting your cooking throughout the process. The gravy/bisque/jus is important for this, you can’t expect to serve it up and it be perfect without you at least sampling the taste beforehand, you’ll know then if you need more seasonings or whatnot.
  5. Get feedback. Ask for honest opinions to where you nailed it and where you went wrong.

If you think that cooking a meal is just too much to handle, why not go out for the big day to a local restaurant? Maybe try something different for a change. For example, you could try Johnny Wong’s, one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Birmingham, they’re located here; 197 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9RD, call; 0121 456 4333. Or look at using a catering company who will be able to deliver the food to your door. One of the finest London catering companies is Maven Foods, they can be contacted here; Maven Foods Ltd, Highway Business Park, Unit 27 Heckford Street, London, E1 9HR on 0208 988 1102. If you are the chef of a local restaurant and are looking to expand your kitchen, why not look to invest in some used second hand catering equipment for your needs? Companies up and down the UK offer used catering equipment for all kitchens, such as Abraxas Catering - why not call them today?